Music & Me

Seasonal music play for Ages 3-6!


• 8 week sessions (45 minute class)

Rate: $10 per class

Evening Class: Mondays, 5pm  •   Morning Class: Fridays, 10am

“Music & Me” is a music play class specifically designed for young children! It offers students the opportunity to enjoy music through seasonal songs, rhymes


and finger-plays, as well as dances, marches, and music games. Rhythm instruments, like shakers and bells, are also introduced to students, as well as seasonal stories and puppets. Sometimes activities even incorporate age-appropriate academic concepts like colors, shapes, numbers and letters. This makes learning or reviewing such developmental standards so much fun!

Unlike other music programs for young children, students in Music and Me have space to move, dance, jump, crawl, or run as the music leads them. In our opinion, parents deserve a break and NO ADULT SHOULD HAVE TO SIT ON THE FLOOR! Rather, parents are in another room entirely, giving children the freedom to enjoy the class on their own. Mrs. Wenger, a member of the Early Childhood Music & Movement Association, keeps the pace moving so that class is entertaining for students of varied ages! Classes are held in 8-week sessions for fall, winter, and spring.

For a full overview of the program, please read: policy for Music and Me preschool class

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fullsizeoutput_5a4Because our students are very young, a caregiver is required to remain on the premises to help their child with bathroom or other needs, if they arise. Due to space limitations, students’ class is in the lower-level classroom while adults and and non-participating siblings remain in the first-floor waiting area. The waiting room contains ample toys for siblings’ use , reading material for adults, and restroom access. Adults should make every effort to encourage quiet play among siblings in this space, as it is directly above the classroom area. They are also expected to help children clean up toys at the end of each session.

womancoffee.jpg♥ If parents would prefer a drop off childcare service for non- participating siblings,  Mrs. Wenger’s neighbor offers in-home childcare. Mrs. Jolene Keller’s service during the Music & Me class is offered at a rate of $5/child. She can be contacted at 717-866-4238 and Some parents enjoy having 45 minutes without a child to supervise to enjoy some coffee or conversation with a fellow parent. Mrs. Wenger is a mom too, and she understands this!

Payment Disclaimer: PayPal

To cover transaction fees enforced by PayPal, those who use this payment method will actually pay $83 (not $80), again, due to transaction fees. Parents who mail a check incur no such added fee.


This program is for children ages 3 – 6. Like other activities in which children enroll, registration means a spot is held for your child that cannot be resold. Therefore, payments cannot be prorated, withheld, or refunded for student absences.

For a complete overview of the program: policy for Music and Me preschool class

Paying by Check

Please write checks to SHARON WENGER, and mail to 199 West Maple Avenue, Myerstown PA 17067.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. The rate for each session is $80, but when I use PayPal I am charged $83. Why? PayPal charges a service fee of 2.9% + $.30 per transaction. The extra $3 covers this fee. Parents who do not wish to pay this fee can avoid it by mailing a check instead. 
  2. I have a schedule conflict during class, but my friend is attending with her child(ren). Can she also bring my child and act as his/her caregiver? Yes. Your child may be brought by another adult as long as the adult takes charge of your child’s needs while at class.
  3. Why can’t I get a refund if my child is sick and doesn’t attend class? Unlike doctors or dentists, Mrs. Wenger cannot fill your child’s spot in class at the last minute. Her work in planning and preparation is consistent regardless of how many students are present. Plus, payments serve to hold a child’s place in the program.
  4. What can I expect my child to learn from Music & Me? Parents can expect children to become better listeners, discover fundamentals of pitch and rhythm, and grow in their social skills. Rhythm instruments also help to build & reinforce both body and spatial awareness, as well as expand movement vocabulary. Some children may also absorb new facts that may be emphasized in our activities about the seasons (“Mom, did you know that bears sleep all winter long?”).  
  5. Why can’t I drop my child off instead of remaining on the premises? Having parents or caregivers on-site allows Mrs. Wenger to not hire a helper, keeping costs low for parents.
  6. How much experience has Mrs. Wenger had teaching music to preschoolers? Mrs. Wenger was the music teacher for Sonrise Academy preschool for almost 10 years. Mrs. Wenger is also a member of the Early Childhood Music & Movement Association (ECMMA). 

Early Childhood Music & Movement Association