Aside from teaching private music lessons, Mrs. Wenger is a also former preschool teacher. She offers a non-licensed, in-home kindergarten preparation program for students ages 4-5. Her program came about as a direct result of the closing of Sonrise Academy.  This preschool closed very suddenly in 2017 with little warning to families or faculty, leaving the 3s-4s students without a pre-k class for the upcoming school year. Mrs. Wenger opened her home the following year to accommodate those specific students, and taught 8 children.

[2019 Sonrise Academy Update: While this preschool eagerly promised parents the school would reopen, the director regrettably never contacted the faculty again. She has apparently moved out of the state with no further notifications to Sonrise affiliates.]

Two years later, Mrs. Wenger was asked by many of the same parents (who had a younger child turning 4) to offer the class a second time for these younger siblings. The second year, the program grew to maximum capacity of 10 students! While the program is not licensed, its academic objectives have been reviewed for input by the kindergarten teachers at Jackson Elementary.

For a complete overview of the program, revised as of November 2019, please click here: preK overview for 2020-2021 school year

For a look at the progress report and the program’s learning standards, please click here: preK progress report

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