Private Piano Lessons

Current Studio Openings 

Learn more about how the studio works here… Policy Overview for Private Lessons

Biweekly Evenings

Currently, Mrs. Wenger has had a few biweekly evening times open up for students in grades 1-12. Lessons are a half hour in length at a tuition rate of 6 lessons/$100. Please contact her for specific times available, or complete the contact form at the bottom of this page.

Weekly Saturday Afternoons

Mrs. Wenger also has space for weekly Saturday afternoon students for ages 4 all the way up through grade 12. Students ages 4-5 receive a quarter hour lesson at a rate of $10/lesson, while grades 1-12 receive a half hour lesson at a rate of $20/lesson. [Saturday rates are higher because they create logistical childcare issues for Mrs. Wenger’s family.] Please contact Mrs. Wenger for specific times available, or complete the contact form at the bottom of this page if you are interested.


Tuition does not include books, which are purchased by students and of course remain their property to keep. Starter books can be purchased at the local music store or online from amazon, as Mrs. Wenger provides the book list for families.

Keyboard or Piano

Students must have access to a keyboard or piano for regular practice at home. Keyboards can often be found on craig’s list or in the merchandiser, or by posting the need on facebook. A small keyboard is fine to start with; once a student’s interest in learning the instrument is definite, parents are encouraged to find a full size piano if possible.

Group Events Included in Tuition

Tuition for students in grades 1-12 includes a Christmas Party, and for all age students, a Pizza-Party/Spring Recital. Student sign-ups are taken prior to each event to indicate participation. While attendance is not mandatory, refunds or prorations in payment are not made for students who choose to not participate.

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Studio Space

Maple Avenue Music operates from the Wenger home which warmly welcomes you! Conveniently located less than a mile from routes 422 and 501, Maple Avenue Music has ample parking, a waiting area during private lessons for parents & siblings, as well as restroom access.

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Pre-Lesson Meeting

A 30-minute meeting is arranged with Mrs. Wenger prior to making a commitment to private lessons. This way, students & parents can meet Mrs. Wenger, see the studio space, and ask questions in person. To reserve a time to meet, a $20 cash deposit is made prior to the appointment; this $20 is promptly handed back to parents when they arrive at the meeting. Therefore, the meeting is free for those parents who attend and no further obligation is required! Parents who choose to forfeit attending the scheduled meeting, however, also forfeit the deposit. 

Contact Form

Please complete this form if you are interested in learning more about piano lessons.

Current Student Information

Updated studio policy… private lessons: studio policy

Lesson Schedule:

Tuesdays, Weekly Students… Taylor S, Taylor M: Tuesday weekly students

Tuesdays, Group A Students… Maribel, Andrew: Group A Tuesday

Tuesdays, Group B Students… Anna, Archie, Brycen, Arianna: Group B Tuesday

Thursdays, Group A Students… Riley, Samuel, Adisyn, Chloe, Jacob, Selah, Leena, Kalyn: Group A Thursday

Thursdays, Group B Students… Josh, Jason, Hailey, Josiah, Alyssa, Honor, Kai, Reed: Group B Thursday

Saturday Students…  Kamberly, Madison, Murphy, Maylynn, Max: Saturdays

Studio Newsletters

fall 2019 news

winter 2019 news

Update to winter 2019 news: Lucky got tired of seeing friends come and go without being able to play freely with them, and was demoted from his position as music mascot.


The spring recital is scheduled for May 1st at 6:30pm. NEW THIS YEAR: All students are invited to arrive early at 5pm for a pre-recital PIZZA PARTY! Sign up on the clipboard by February 20th to indicate your child’s participation!